About Cento

Hi nice to meet you!
I am Dr. Shlomo Mizrahi – a dentist specializing in surgery.
Yes, but not only that – at the same time I have been developing (and developing) didactic games since 2003, chief among them “the games of the century” – “the” game of the century:
The next generation of games, where children and adults alike enjoy, and also learn without noticing.

דר שלמה מזרחי - משחקי המאה

So how did I get it?

As an instructor and editor of a psychometric book, I have noticed in many students a hesitation and difficulty in solving quantitative reasoning questions. I realized that “I hate math!” It originates in childhood, so we must befriend the numbers and arithmetic in children in an experiential way already from preschool age.
For three years we have developed 7 universal games with the 100 number cards 1 to 100. The social games are of different degrees of difficulty, and are based on diverse study subjects in mathematics, from knowing the digits and the decimal system to knowing the multiplication table and prime numbers.

It’s fun to see the sense of satisfaction of the parents and teachers, and also of the children who play for hours without feeling the educational benefit they produce, for example a “struggling” student who improves his control of the multiplication table and wins the game.

What other games have we developed?

Following the enthusiasm for the games of the century everywhere we went, in Israel and abroad, we received requests from teachers and parents to develop additional games for learning geometry and English. We published:
In 2009 – a squared market and a triangular body – fours games for studying geometry.
In 2021 – the Century Word Games for beginners, and the Century Word Games for advanced students, in Hebrew or English.
In 2022 – Chanto Memo – a unique number memory game with quality wooden game blocks,
And Chanto Multi – the recommended hem game in a special edition!

What are the plans to continue?

Continue to spread the news of the Century Games: in schools, fairs and activities for families in kibbutzim, moshavim and organizations throughout the country.

What is my biggest dream?

The National Championship in the Games of the Century – Battle 7 in which the winner will be whoever is the best in all the games.

And most importantly – have fun playing!